Celebrating 40 Years of HOM Men’s Underwear

September 20th, 2017  Tagged

Established in Marseille in 1968 under the name of Innovation in Masculine Elegance Wholesale Corsets , HOM pioneered the way forward in underwear fashion by creating high quality underwear for the active man of any age who strives for success in life and work. Their underwear set a clear bench mark of distinction, quality and design that still sets a high standard for other brands to aspire to.LB60436

Throughout he 1970’s HOM established a reputation for creating avant garde styles, stretching the boundaries of contemporary underwear at the time with flesh and see through designs and exclusive ultra soft polymid and lycra cotton mix fabrics that attracted considerable interest in its ranges. Many would have said that HOM were far ahead of other brands at the time.

HOM went one step further in the 1980’s and when every one was pushing the classic loose fitting boxer short, HOM were a head of the game by developing the boxer shorts with an inner brief that provides you with all the support of a supportive pouch and yet the look and freedom of a boxer short. These provided everything the active man had been seeking for a long time and recognised the demands that active males require, particularly during sport.

The 1990’s sees possible one of HOM’s most innovative designs in men’s underwear with the launch of its amazing HO1 design, which includes the famous horizontal opening and using anti allergy fabrics. This takes their current focus on underwear for the active sports man to new levels and provides easy and hygienic access for both right and left handed men. So popular is this design that it even makes it in to the National French Collection exhibition at the Louvre Museum.

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